Monday, March 19, 2007

She's like SO whatever....

Just caught the preview pages of Supergirl's appearance in March's issue of The Brave and the Bold at Newsarama. Seems like Waid has caught on to our new Kara... have a look at these two pages....

I couldn't help but laugh. Perez is a great artist, and makes it damned clear that this isn't his projection of sexual fantasy on the page, this is a (17?, I thought she was 16, did I miss a birthday?) teenaged girl who thinks she's a male fantasy. Rather than have Kara situated in a variety of sexual poses, Perez' art works off of Waid's text beautifully, having Kara's flirtaciousness come off as childish as it sounds. Here Kara seems pretty vacuous, audacious, and I have to say pretty amusing in her lack of subtlty. Waid even manages to poke fun at Kara's skimpy costume, and her attempts to use it to get closer to GL. Its a shame that the appearance of Kara outside her own comic is one of a slightly bimbette, almost stupid girl, but then we do have the rest of the issue to have her redeemed. Also interesting is that the following pages (which you can access via the link) have Kara impulsively inserting herself into a crisis, trying to save the day. The naivety of her rescue acts as a nice accompaniment to the rest of her naivety, concerning GL's secret identity, her relationship with Kal, her romantic advances... Its almost a subtle balance between innocence and an attempt at being 'innocence lost'. Kara wants to be sexy and heroic, yet her rather blunderous attempts at both simply suggest her age, and the possibility that one day she'll find more secure ways of doing both.

any thoughts?

alex x

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